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Meet our Head Trainer Bara

Bara’s passion for dogs is deep rooted in her lifetime of caring for animals. As a daughter of a San Francisco Zoo Keeper she worked with a wide verity of animals at a young age. At 10 years old she became a junior handler of Bull Mastiffs at dog shows and helped her dad raise an award winning dog Franko. Bara has raised 3 AKC K9 Good Citizens Canon, Dela and Ellie that are regular participants in training.


Bara is an AKC CGC evaluator that uses balance dog training techniques and specializes in dogs with various behavior issues, such as resource guarding, leash reactivity, counter surfing, & more. She also loves training with puppies and has a special training curriculum that covers preschool to obedience 1 training to prepare them for group classes. With over 15+ years of dog training experience and a lifetime of handling animals, she has helped countless dogs become well adjusted members of their families. Her passion is apparent in the time and dedication she gives to her dogs and clients. Her goal is to 

teach you how to train your dog, stop unwanted behaviors, and teach your dog how to be calm on command.


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